30. 06, 2013

AndroClass – Classroom management with Android

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I have just downloaded the most recent update for AndroClass on my tablet PC. This app is getting better and better with every single one of its frequent updates, which is reason enough to introduce you to this great app.  This video shows you the basic functions of AndroClass There is also an extension pack containing mainly a seating chart for now but other functions will be added soon. There is, of course, also a smartphone app. Personally, I wouldn't want to go through a day at school without AndroClass because it not only makes all [...]

14. 06, 2013

(Deutsch) Fortbildung mit Russell Stannard zum Thema “Wie kann man SchülerInnen mit Hilfe der neuen Medien zum Sprechen und Reflektieren animieren?”

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3. 03, 2013

For the sake of communication: Using machinimas in the foreign language classroom (Angela Thomas)

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27. 02, 2013

An afternoon with Charles Aceval, Algerian storyteller

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My colleagues and I had invited the Algerian storyteller Charles Aceval to pay us and our students a visit on February 27th, 2013. We spent an amazing afternoon with him and his stories, which he told in German and French. Charles Aceval is a fantastic storyteller. In a calm and very pleasant voice he told us his stories in his calm and  transported us to a different place, Algeria. Invite him and see for yourself!

11. 02, 2013

Mind the App! Inspiring internet tools and activities to engage your students (and help you stay sane)

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Almost at the same time as Jürgen Wagner's and Verena Heckmann's good practice guide "Web 2.0 im Fremdsprachenunterricht: Ein Praxisbuch für Lehrende in Schule und Hochschule" Thomas Strasser from Vienna published his long-awaited book Mind the App!  I have known Thomas Strasser from various webinars (Web 2.0 im Fremdsprachenunterricht – die Apps & Downs; Todaysmeet) for quite some time now and I know that he is an expert in showing both experienced colleagues who already use ICT  and "newbies" in the field why and how to effectively use the Internet in the EFL classroom. In his unique way of putting difficult things in easy words he [...]