20. 01, 2013

MachinEVO 2013

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MachinEVO has just begun. Come join us!  Description of the workshop (cf. MachinEVO 2013 Startpage) MachinEVO is a 5-week workshop in Second Life for language educators to learn how to produce films of language learning conversations in Second Life. It started on 14th January 2013 and is free of charge.   A film of Second Life (SL) is called machinima--a neologism derived from combining the words machine and cinema. Machinima is the real-time use of 3D environment for a cinematic production. This is to give you an idea of what machinimas can look like: ... and the trailer of MachinEVO 2013: [...]

19. 01, 2013

(Deutsch) Online-Fortbildung des LPM: The Whale Rider im moodlegestützten Englischunterricht (Dr. Stephanie Merkenich) am 25.2.2013

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Sorry, this entry is only available in German.

21. 11, 2012

Future webinars accompanying the good practice guide

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Webinars (19h – 20 h) Web 2.0 im Fremdsprachenunterricht – ein Praxisbuch für die Lehre in Schule und Hochschule 29. 11. 2012: Ulrike Montgomery: Mobile Learning, Apps und Moodle (http://breeze.lpm.uni-sb.de/appsundmoodle) 06. 12. 2012 – Ensor, Simon: Podcasting on the go … (http://breeze.lpm.uni-sb.de/onthego) 10. 12. 2012 - Lackner, Elke: Durch die Cloud zum kreativen Endprodukt (http://breeze.lpm.uni-sb.de/cloud) 14. 01. 2013 - Pickles, Andrew: Using Web 2.0 as a source for material (http://breeze.lpm.uni-sb.de/usingweb20) 04. 02. 2013 - Ollivier, Christian: Real-life-Tasks im sozialen Web: Nutzung von Web 2.0-Websites zum Publizieren und Kommunizieren mit Native Speakern (http://breeze.lpm.uni-sb.de/reallifetasks) 11. 02. 2013: Meißner, Jana: Kollaborative Erstellung eines Kursproduktes in einem digitalen Fotobuch (http://breeze.lpm.uni-sb.de/fotobuch) 18. [...]

21. 11, 2012

Webinar: Using Web 2.0 as a source for material with Andrew Pickles

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Webinar: Using Web 2.0 as a source for material The web as a resource in and of itself. Three tools - Pinterest, Quora and Googlefight that offer different ways of sourcing and analysing language on the internet. Demonstration how each can be used in the classroom and beyond. Links to demonstration pages. Presenter: Andrew Pickles Date: 14. 01. 2013 19:00 - 20:00 http://breeze.lpm.uni-sb.de/usingweb20 Registration via email JWagner@lpm.uni-sb.de