5. 11, 2014

”Un autre monde / Eine andere Welt” among the 8 MEDEA Awards 2014 finalists

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We are among the 8 finalists of the MEDEA Awards 2014!!!!! There were 237 entries from 29 countries and we made it to the last round with our virtual exchange project "Un autre monde / Eine andere Welt" (year 2). I will be representing our project in Brussels from Nov 19th to 21st at the Media&Learning Conference. The virtual exchange project "Un autre monde / Eine andere Welt" has already been awarded with several awards in its first year: - TeleTandem Förderpreis 2013 - Schülermedienpreis 2013 (2. Platz) - d-elina 2014 (1. Platz) Let's keep our fingers crossed that we [...]

10. 04, 2014

(Deutsch) Webinaire LPM: Un autre monde/Eine andere Welt: un échange franco-allemand virtuel (Christophe Jaeglin, Stephanie Woessner)

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31. 08, 2013

(Deutsch) Un autre monde/ Eine andere Welt : Echange scolaire virtuel à l’aide d’une plateforme Moodle et de Machinimas (Vortrag mit Christophe Jaeglin beim Colloque Cyber-Langues 2013 in Belleville-sur-Saône)

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3. 03, 2013

For the sake of communication: Using machinimas in the foreign language classroom (Angela Thomas)

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Sorry, this entry is only available in German.

27. 02, 2013

MachinEVO 2013

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At the end of January I briefly talked about the MachinEVO workshop 2013 that was going to take place in Second Life over a period of five weeks. Its trailer looked very promising: which is why I decided to participate even though my schedule was already pretty tight. Now that the workshop is over I want to give those of my readers who are interested in the great potential of Second Life for language learning a quick overview of a workshop I wouldn’t have wanted to miss. I can assure you that Second Life is worth a visit, [...]

20. 01, 2013

MachinEVO 2013

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MachinEVO has just begun. Come join us!  Description of the workshop (cf. MachinEVO 2013 Startpage) MachinEVO is a 5-week workshop in Second Life for language educators to learn how to produce films of language learning conversations in Second Life. It started on 14th January 2013 and is free of charge.   A film of Second Life (SL) is called machinima--a neologism derived from combining the words machine and cinema. Machinima is the real-time use of 3D environment for a cinematic production. This is to give you an idea of what machinimas can look like: ... and the trailer of MachinEVO 2013: [...]