When I began writing this blog I decided to use wordpress.com and I have been quite happy with my choice so far. However, after a little more than one year I decided to switch to wordpress.org because it allows me to use plugins that my readers will benefit from.

From now on you will find

  • a calendar (with feeds from other websites’ calendars) that you can subscribe to
  • a multilanguage user interface (English, French, German) and translations of certain articles
  • a monthly newsletter sent to subscribers’ email inboxes

I was of course unable to translate all my lengthy articles into English and I will not be able to offer translations of all my future blogposts either. However, for webinars held in English I will, from now on, post the link to the recording so you can have a look yourself and I will announce webinars to be held in English in the English section of my blog. Finally, there are a few articles that I will translate into English as soon as I have a little time to spare. Please be patient :)