I have just downloaded the most recent update for AndroClass on my tablet PC. This app is getting better and better with every single one of its frequent updates, which is reason enough to introduce you to this great app.

Image-AC-mit-Tablet_Englisch This video shows you the basic functions of AndroClass

There is also an extension pack containing mainly a seating chart for now but other functions will be added soon.

There is, of course, also a smartphone app.

Personally, I wouldn’t want to go through a day at school without AndroClass because it not only makes all the information I need about a student or a group of learners available within seconds, but I can also provide both students and their parents with an overview of a student’s performance.

Finally, I also appreciate the very reliable support and the fact that the developper of AndroClass, Andreas Schilling, tries to always be available in case there is a problem or if someone has suggestions for new functions. Moreover, there is also a very active Google+ Community in which users help users.

Go to Google Play.