MachinEVO has just begun. Come join us! 

Description of the workshop (cf. MachinEVO 2013 Startpage)

MachinEVO is a 5-week workshop in Second Life for language educators to learn how to produce films of language learning conversations in Second Life. It started on 14th January 2013 and is free of charge.  

A film of Second Life (SL) is called machinima–a neologism derived from combining the words machine and cinema. Machinima is the real-time use of 3D environment for a cinematic production.

This is to give you an idea of what machinimas can look like:

… and the trailer of MachinEVO 2013:

A major advantage of creating films in Second Life is that they are far less expensive than real world productions, and these recordings go far beyond merely creating podcasts because the avatars may be located in real or imagined culturally rich environments, such as Berlin of the 1920’s, ancient Rome, or on spaceships many years into the future.

In this EVO session we will learn how to create machinimas using the technical skills of all film productions. Our videos will be uploaded onto Youtube or other video hosting sites.

The pedagogical aspects of creating language-learning resources will be explored, and we will learn how to create more realistic in-world conversations using emoting and body language.  We will also work with roleplaying, scriptwriting, story boarding, and making films from still photos and live footage.

All participants will work toward the goal of producing a complete machinima by the end of Week 5.


By the end of this session you should:

  • Understand basic film production techniques
  • Be able to design and create short machinimas of people conversing in target languages
  • Be able to edit and upload the video clips onto video hosting sites, such as Youtube, Vimeo and others
  • Use emoting, gestures, animations, and culturally rich sets/sims to create your videos for language learning
  • Learn digital story-telling techniques to connect several videos together in a tele(port) novela setting

Target audience

This session is aimed at experienced language educators, language course designers, and webheads.  Experience in Second Life is a pre-requisite.  

Signing up 

To sign up for this free of charge 5-week workshop, go to the following NING community site.

You can find the dates of the different sessions in the calendar section of PetiteProf79.