Welcome to our school! (VR / 360°)


Bei dieser Lernidee geht es darum, wie Lernende gemeinsam einen virtuellen Rundgang durch ihre Schule herstellen können. Es ist für den Englischunterricht aufbereitet und daher auf Englisch beschrieben.

Pre-Task (1 lesson | homework)

Listening comprehension (15’)

Look at the example (15’)

Preparation for mediation practice: reported speech (15-25’)


Optional task: use a certain grammatical phenomenon in the tour

Task (4-6 lessons)

Prepare your guided tour
Produce your content
Create your virtual tour

Optional: Produce interviews (s. interview add-on)

Review (1-2 lessons)

Look at the tours of your partners
Write a short feedback & one question for 1-2 rooms (distribute rooms so all rooms are covered)
Record your comment as an audio recording and send them to your partners
Tell your class about your favorite space
Listen to the feedback your partners sent you and answer the questions in a new recording
Send the answers to your partners
Listen to the answers to your questions




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