Let’s Talk! (VR)


Bei dieser Lernidee geht es darum, wie Lernende sich in einer virtuellen Welt treffen und miteinander über vorbereitete Themen sprechen. Es ist für den Englischunterricht aufbereitet und daher auf Englisch beschrieben.

  • Potential topics

    • inventions & discoveries
    • the workplace
    • video games & smartphone use or addiction
    • friendship
    • research
    • finding pictures for a presentation
    • presenting a topic and one’s opinion in a virtual setting
    • take part in an online discussion
    • collaboration
    • communication
    • creativity
    • critical thinking
    • A2+
    • B1
  • 3-5 lessons + potential evaluation (f.ex.: comprehension: questionnaire on individual discussion / production: interview on the discussion)

  • Let’s talk: Overview
    Let’s talk: Teachers
    Let’s talk: Students

Pre-Task (1-2 lessons | homework)

Part 1: Depending on the topic chosen with your partners in France/Germany

  1. do research on
    1. inventions & discoveries from your country
    2. the company you did an internship with / a company from your region
    3. video games & smartphone use among teenagers in your country and the United States
    4. video game & smartphone addiction among teenagers in your country and the United States
  2. think about what friendship means to you.

Part 2: Take some notes or prepare a little presentation with max 5 pictures (not a PowerPoint presentation!). Make sure you are prepared to address the following questions:

  1. present yourself
  2. talk about your research and your findings
  3. your personal opinion on or experience with the topic
  4. questions you would like to ask your partners
Task (1-2 lessons)

You will join two partners in a virtual location. Only up to one of them will be from your own country. You have 15 minutes to discuss your topic. If you want to use pictures to present something, make sure you are in a location where you can project them.

Your conversation will be recorded to document it for feedback from your teacher and for your own evaluation process.

  1. Start with a short presentation of everyone. (2-3 minutes / person)
  2. Then present you findings on the topic you researched or took notes on by taking turns. Don’t forget to mention your personal opinion and/or experience. (2-5 minutes / person)
  3. Start a discussion by telling the others what you found interesting and ask them at least one question they can reply to immediately.
Review (1-2 lessons)

Prepare a short oral statement on your discussion (do not write a text but use bullet points). Address the following questions:

  • Who did you talk to? What did you like about them?
  • What did you talk about?
  • What did you find interesting? What did you learn?
  • What did you find surprising?
  • Describe your experience talking to students from another country in English in a virtual environment.


You don’t have to limit yourself to these questions! Feel free to talk about other things, too.

If necessary, use the recording of the discussion to trigger your memory.

Give a short statement in class (2-3 minutes)

Record your statement for your partners (mp3 file) and have your teacher send the recordings to your partners



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